The takeaways from MVP Global Summit 2012

So, as I’m typing this you can imagine what’s going on. You could picture the images of MVPs all saying goodbye. Some are headed back to their family’s open arms, some are headed back to their flooded office inboxes, some are headed just up the street. This is what makes MVP Summit special. You can have, in one place, a hodge-podge of people from around the world who all care, deeply, about their technologies. It’s a fantastic thing to be in the same space as other passionate individuals.

You’ll probably also read a ton of blog posts about everyone’s thoughts on Summit. You’ll see words like ‘passionate’, ‘awesome’, and maybe even ‘salmon’. I want to add a new word to this lexicon…’pride’. I’ve never left a Summit yet not having a renewed or heightened sense of pride, not only for what I was doing (or attempting to do) but for what everyone in this program is trying to accomplish: making people’s lives easier, simplified, more streamlined. For as much as we all do different technologies we all in direct or roundabout ways are assisting each other.

As an example, it’s SQL Server that powers the database for the Zune Marketplace. I don’t sit in the SQL Server sessions, but the things they are doing are having an effect on the technology that *I* care about. That’s just one example of how even though we all get together in one place, meet other, put faces with twitter handles, and ask about particular expertise areas, really we are all connected in some fashion, simply because what we all do affects everyone else.

I could sit in a Zune bubble and think that Windows Phone, Xbox 360 and Zune MVPs are the only people rocking out to tracks. But as the MVP playlist showed, other MVPs love music. They love using Zune. They have Zune HDs. So, what I’m doing as a Zune MVP is affecting other expertise areas. Maybe a song that I suggest helps to power an MVP who is trying to get a programming debug done. Maybe the Summit playlist I put together energized a few MVPs to get them more excited about the week that was coming. They don’t have to directly tell me, but I’m sure it’s happened.

I could ramble on about how fantastic it is to be hanging with my fellow peeps in the Xbox and Zune space. That actually should just go without saying. So I wanted to, on a more larger scale, say to every MVP that you are doing something fantastic that not only affects business people and consumers, but other MVPs as well. At the end of the day, we’re all still human with highs, lows, joys, and frustrations. At the end of the day, even MVPs could sometimes need a little help or a boost or a word of encouragement. Events like MVP Summit provide that opportunity and it’s always an opportunity that gets taken advantage of, greatly.

As everyone returns to their daily lives in the next few days, I hope that people take this “compressed” energy that was building up at Summit and feel that what they are doing is important because it’s not just affecting the people they deal with on a daily basis. It’s affecting people they probably won’t ever meet, or people that won’t get a chance to tell them so until the next MVP Summit.

So I’m sitting in an airport headed back to So. Cal feeling pride (well that and great mental exhaustion). This week a large group of passionate individuals got together and synergized; reminding a great technology company why they do what they do and why we do what we do and why both of those things when working in harmony helps people do what they do.

It’s a very wonderful thing indeed. So feel proud, MVPs. Feel very proud.

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Microsoft Xbox MVP. Xbox Music Correspondent. Music Fanatic.

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