Go Go GDGT event!

[Many thanks Jamileh for the awesome tweet that inspired the title!]

For the uninitiated, GDGT is a great website that is designed for folks to talk all about….wait for it… gadgets. It’s kind of funny all of these websites that are removing the vowels: GDGT, TUMBLR, etc. My buddy Eric, over at Xbox, must have a sad about such things. In any event, folks who visit the GDGT website are greeting with information and discussion about all things technology.

WP_000895GDGT has created a series of events. These free, public events allow the community to come out and check out some of the latest hardware and software from some of the leading manufacturers and companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, and Logitech. The GDGT event, finally, made its way to the Los Angeles area, taking place at the L.A. Live entertainment complex, GDGT took over the Nokia Club and presented some of the finest technology for hands-on and ears-open demonstration.

AT&T was doing this awesome promotion in which people could turn in old cell phone technology to be recycled. Looking at that table was like looking into a time machine. I could recognize the Blackjack II phone, which was the first phone I really gave a damn about. See that big phone towards the edge of the table. That’s an old-school Nokia phone. My how times and designs have changed, huh?

As I walked the show floor needless to say there were a few technologies that seriously caught my eye. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that two of them were audio related. One was the booth by Sonos. I just can’t get enough of products that are sleek, sexy and sound great (hey, kinda like me!). The Sonos products sounded fantastic and while I’m sure they aren’t exactly, wallet friendly, they definitely have the cool factor and I would consider having it in my house.

The other was Phiaton, which was showcasing their line of headphones. In a world where people are trying to call Beats by Dre the standard, the headphones presented by Phiaton made a great alternative. I know my community is all about the audio, so it’s always great to see those who are really trying to make the sound come alive.

I got to see a TV that has many services built right into it: Pandora, Netflix, etc. Just plug in the TV, turn it on and you’re connected. I’m thinking that this is where things are going. It won’t be so much the devices that you connect to your TV (Xbox 360 included), as it will be the TV being able to natively connect to all of these online services so you won’t have to clutter your entertainment center with multiple devices and wires.


Then there were these awesome iPhone cases based upon video games and comic book characters!

Windows Phone representing at the GDGT event in Los Angeles.Then, of course, you had Windows Phone. The team from Microsoft came down to show off some of the latest (read: not yet released) hardware including the line of phones from AT&T (The Focus S, Focus Flash and Titan). Ladies and Gentlemen, I love to coin the HTC Titan as having an “IMAX screen in your pocket.” Honestly, that phone has a huge fkn screen. Like scary huge. It’s definitely a great phone to have if you’re into video watching like YouTube or Netflix. Yet, I agree with some who are asking just how big is too big for a phone screen?

The Focus S and Focus Flash were definitely solid successors to the current Focus, available at AT&T. If I had to make a choice, I’d make a play for the Focus S. It just gives me more of what I love about my current Focus with a quicker processor, and all.

When the GDGT event was over, I trekked all of 45 seconds to the Conga Room, where the Windows Phone team was hosting the official GDGT After-Party. The place was popping as everyone was enjoying the booze, the music and the chance to get some up-and-close time with the newest Windows Phone devices. There was also some giveaways that included skateboard decks. Yes, you read that right. Specially-made skateboard decks were given out. Hell, I wanted to bring one of them home, they were so fkn cool.

For all that I had heard about GDGT events, it was great to finally be able to experience one first hand. All of the technologies presented were fascinating and I, as a tech enthusiast, can’t wait to see how much more of the envelope gets pushed in the next few years. Based upon what I saw, just at the GDGT event alone, the vision of an always-connected world is upon us and bringing the thunder with it.

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