Incoherent Rambling: The Zune is falling! The Zune is falling!

You know what I don’t understand: How people can acknowledge that Zune is an ecosystem (well, I’m sure if you ask them they will say it’s an ecosystem) but then when a piece of that ecosystem is taken away (or seemingly taken away, as in the case of Zune Originals) suddenly everyone questions the entire ecosystem. Suddenly Zune is going away! Suddenly Zune is on a slow march to death.

I wish you people would quit that already, especially given that Microsoft (the company, the actual company) hasn’t officially told you jack about Zune yet.

What we’ve seen, officially, is the end of Zune Originals. That is definitely quite a sad event because that was one of the places Zune really had a hold over iPod. Sure you can engrave an iPod, but Zune allowed you to customize it with artwork, sports teams and even your own Xbox Live avatar. By my estimation not enough people were using that service to warrant the cost that had to go into engraving individual devices, so the idea was shelved. Now everyone has to buy their devices from online retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart.

Upon hearing this news, many began the drumbeat (again) of Zune is dead. Pardon my memory, but isn’t Zune an ecosystem…or moreso, a service? Don’t make me type out, again, all of the places that Zune is available, but understand that by taking away the device element, we’re not taking away the Zune element.

I’m under the impression some people just have a narrative: Zune was this scrappy little project that couldn’t handle the big time and Microsoft is biding its time before officially removing it and placing it under the Xbox Live umbrella. Um, I can’t see that. Simply because Xbox Live is popular, doesn’t mean you have to suddenly brand everything with the Xbox name. If you think that by suddenly renaming Zune Video as Xbox Live Video that magically millions of people will start using it, um, no.

Remember, they called it WINDOWS Phone!

If this sounds like crazy rambling, it’s because for me the bottom line is that we don’t know anymore about Zune’s future than the next person. We’ve let pundits crowd our mind and feed us a narrative that we believe is true because the pundit told us it’s true.

Be patient, Zune Padawan. Let Zune, on their own time and in their own way, let us know what their future holds. Once we get the real deal and the official notice, then we can take to Twitter and Facebook and lobby back and forth about it being a good, bad or stupid decision.

In the meantime, if you have a Zune HD enjoy it. If you don’t but want one, go grab one!

The music awaits.

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4 Responses to Incoherent Rambling: The Zune is falling! The Zune is falling!

  1. johnvisiomvp says:

    For a dead device, why did they just release a bunch of apps? Not as many as for the WP7, but they still released some new apps.I still can not see the WP7 replacing the Zune HD. The Zune HD has far more memory for music and I know that I do not have a service plan linked to it, that drains my bank account.
    I do not have to worry about draining the battery on my Zune HD and not being able to make a phone call. Besides if they killed the Zune, Matt and Jessica would have to get real jobs.

  2. I stopped caring about how the press tries to direct me to what they think i should think. ZUNE PASS survives. I stream. I listen on my device, be it an xbox, A phone, or a zune hd. Zune lives!

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